The Church was incorporated in the state of Kaduna as the Local Christian Assembly in April 2003. But before this time when in the year 1993 April 16, Brother Bartholomew Oha-Adiro received the Glorious Wonderful Baptism of the Holy Ghost where there are virtues and its Testimony from Rev. Ernest E. Uzo to Rev. Joseph Coleman of New York Local Christian Assembly and Rev. Joseph Coleman’s subsequent announcement of this in Canada that year brought about further knowledge of this Local Christian Assembly across the World.

The Local Christian Assembly, “End-Time Perfection Message” has become more known nationally and is flourishing more and there are many more Sister Churches in Nigeria. In the year 2011 November 22 of that year, Rev. Ernest E. Uzo handed over the pastoring of the “End-time Perfection Message” to Rev. Bartholomew Oha-Adiro. The “End-time Perfection Message” has continued to flourish more and more under the leadership of her Pastor Rev. Bartholomew Oha-Adiro. Rev. Bartholomew Oha-Adiro with his lovely wife – Sister Victoria Oha-Adiro, they are a special blessing to the bride of Jesus Christ.

Picture of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ

It is the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, End Time Perfection Message, Kaduna, Nigeria. Based on John 5 vs 19.

Rev. Bartholomew Oha-Adiro

Rev. Bartholomew Oha-Adiro

Pastor and Headship of the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, End Time Perfection Message, Kaduna, Nigeria. Preach and teaching of the final message - final master piece, to the entire bride of our Lord Jesus Christ in Nigeria and the entire world.

Picture of William Marrion Branham

Rev. William Marrion Branham

From the teachings and preachings of Rev. William Marrion Branham, Seven Thunders.

Statue of a Perfect Man

Statue of a Perfect Man

..Beside this, giving all diligence, add to our Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience, Godliness, Brotherly kindness and Charity (Love). Ye shall never be barren and unfruitful in the knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ – 2Peter 1 vs 8.

Dove Leading Eagle - Receiving the Genuine New Birth with Power

Dove Leading Eagle -

Dove Leading Eagle - the next message. Message of Perfection, receiving the genuine new birth, with power upon it. To manifest exactly the Life of Christ.