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About End Time Perfection Message Kaduna:

By The Ministry of Jesus Christ
Kaduna Christian Local Assembly

Rev. E. E. Uzo was having a gathering of people in that Base Workshop after duty hours, people who were interested in the study of the message of Rev. William Marrion Branham. Soon this attracted other people coming from outside the Army Base workshop Kaduna. When Brother Ernest E. Uzo moved to his accommodation at Number 11 Yakubu Avenue the “End-Time Perfection Message Kaduna” was then started in 1981 when Brother Bartholomew Oha-adiro came. The church was meeting in Brother Ernest E. Uzo’s house in a garage in Number 11 Yakubu Avenue. In 1989 December 24th in a national Convention at Onitsha, Anambra State, Reverend Ernest E Uzo preached a message titled “The Last Card”. People became more aware of this Church in Kaduna and this led to the gradual growth of the local Christian assembly in Kaduna.

The Church was incorporated in the state of Kaduna as the Local Christian Assembly in April 2003. But before this time when in the year 1993 April 16, Brother Bartholomew Oha-adiro received the Glorious Wonderful Baptism of the Holy Ghost where there are virtues and its Testimony from Rev. Ernest E. Uzo to Rev. Joseph Coleman of New York Local Christian Assembly and Rev. Joseph Coleman’s subsequent announcement of this in Canada that year brought about further knowledge of this Local Christian Assembly across the World.

The Local Christian Assembly, “End-Time Perfection Message” has become more known nationally and is flourishing more and there are many more Sister Churches in Nigeria.In the year 2011 November 22 of that year, Rev. Ernest E. Uzo handed over the pastoring of the “End-time Perfection Message” to Rev. Bartholomew Oha-adiro. The “End-time Perfection Message” has continued to flourish more and more under the leadership of her Pastor Rev. Bartholomew Oha-adiro. Rev. Bartholomew Oha-adiro with his lovely wife is a special blessing to the “End-time Perfection Message”. They are blessed with lovely children.